Karštieji patiekalai

Makaronai tagliatelle su kepta mažaja kalakutienos krūtinėlea

Pasta “Tagliatelle” with fried small turkey breast

Fry turkey breast (whole), add some salt and pepper. Boil water in a saucepan, salt it, and boil the noodles for 7-10 minutes. Heat the pan, add the mushrooms, cut in half, and fry them, then pour in the white wine, when the wine boils out, add the cream. Cook until the mass thickens, then add salt, pepper and a little diluted chicken broth. Put the cooked pasta in a creamy sauce, mix and place on a plate. Cut the turkey fillet and place the noodles on top. Sprinkle with fresh greens and hard cheese.

Time to cook:
2 h


300 g turkey breast

200 g of mushrooms

30 grams of white dry wine

100 g cream

200 g pasta “Tagliatelle”

30 g grated cheese

chicken cube


salt, pepper